GIVE ME FIVE- An Approach to Training and Life


I got a little secret for you guys

There are days where even I don’t want to train. Races where it really hurts. Training sessions that seem impossible. 

What do I tell myself-

On those days when I can’t get myself out the door, I tell myself:

“C’mon Andy, give me five minutes”.

By just committing to five minutes, I am able to usually turn how I feel around and finish my workout.

During races when it gets really tough, I tell myself:

“Give me 5 minutes of work, this is the race”,
“Give me five more watts”,
“Give me five more seconds per mile”.


Once I can mentally focus on a tangible idea, then I can build momentum and confidence to keep myself going. 

So, when you don’t want to train or when it’s getting really tough on race day, just “Give Me Five”.

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