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born to compete. trained for sport. governed by integrity.

Obsessed with Pushing Potential.


LEAve the sport better than I started with it.

I am humble and grateful to serve the sport of triathlon as an athlete, coach and fan.  AP Racing is the confluence of my mission to push my potential as both an athlete and steward for sport and the positive impact it can have in lives.


Father. Husband. Athlete.

Triathlon’s version of ‘America’s sweetheart.’ He is revered and loved by everyone yet feared by anyone he races against. He is known for spending hours after races handing out medals, talking to fans and always being available for fans both online and offline. Andy loves this sports and is excited to share the sport with you.

Established to Improve.

Andy and his team developed the AP Racing team with one goal: To Leave the sport better than we started with it. The idea is simple, use the 25+ years of coaching and racing experience the team has to help each athlete exceed their goals. Combined with providing insider access, and sponsor benefits that make our sport affordable, AP Racing team is all about individual growth.


See Andy in Action