Nutrition- Keep It Simple

The most common question I get at every race, camp, speaking engagement or on the street is what is your race and training nutrition.

I spent the better part of 2 decades experimenting with everything you can imagine- solids, liquids, bars, gels, goats milk, apple pie + everything in between(and no, I didn’t really try goat’s milk).
2 years ago, a nutritionist suggested I try Infinit Nutrition. Why- it’s simple, its made for me, based on my needs, + it works. It’s the first time in my career that I do not ‘want’ for anything. Race day is simple, training is simple, and I do not have energy crashes or GI distress.

Want to know what I actually use everyday and on race day?
I can do better- you can try it too!
Check out my blends here or you can go and make your own.

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So, Join Today and Save BIG on Nutrition Costs
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