Introducing The Crew

Most of my good ideas start with a dumb bet…

“How many times do you think we can go up Pikes Peak today? Can you eat that donut while standing on your head? I bet we can run up that mountain as fast as we can bike up it? Where does that road go… I don’t know… me either, let’s see.”

Those were pretty typical conversations, on pretty typical days while training with our team this past summer,. Of course, this was mixed in with a ton of pushing, pain and suffering. Our coaching staff and I had some really great training blocks and adventures together- we had lots of laughs, lots of really ridiculous bets you can only have when a group of somewhat like minded folks get together, and we all found new levels in our training.

What came out of this is one of our new initiatives for 2019- THE CREW.

One of my main goals in the sport of triathlon is to help it grow by making it ACCESSIBLE. Simply put, we said, how can we lower all of the barriers to entry:

  • GREAT COACHING: Want the right advice, coaching, and mentorship, we can provide that.

  • AFFORDABLE: Need that great coaching cheap- we got you. Need a ton of gear- we got you with sponsor products, free product, discounted race entries and so much more. Need a support network for places to train or folks to stay/travel with across the world- we got you.

  • NON-INTIMIDATING: Anything new can be intimidating. We lower this barrier by providing a great environment, mentorship program, constant support and affordable resources.


We do all of this with our AP Racing team and we could not be happier. With that, We realized that our AP RACING TEAM serves about 98% of the tri market. So, what else we can do to help move the needle further while also helping ALL AP racing team members?

I Realized that our current AP Racing Team serves about 98% of the Tri Market. So, we said to ourselves, what else can we do?

It was important to me that the emerging pro or elite age group athlete receive the support he/she needs too. Questions I knew I had when I was startingi out needed to be answered- How does a new pro find sponsorship, work with sponsors, ‘up’ their training to reach new levels that Pro racing demands, etc? In addition, how can we support this group of athletes while providing more benefits to the AP Racing Team, at large. My answer: The Crew.

The Crew is a small group of athletes that we hand selected to receive all of the support listed above, plus the chance to train together throughout the year at various training camps. In addition, these athletes can help support and mentor our entire AP Racing community. I am pumped for 2019!!

So, without any more delay, let me introduce you to The Crew!