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AP RACING ‘The Crew’




My goal when I created the AP Racing team was to provide unparalleled access and benefits to athletes who want to learn and improve. The AP Racing ‘Crew’ is the next iteration of this journey.

This select group of athletes will have the opportunity to train with my staff and me on a regular basis, and work with the other Crew members to constantly push each other’s potential. Because of that, we are looking for ATHLETES WITH SIMILAR ABILITY LEVELS, SIMILAR RACE SCHEDULES, and SIMILAR GOALS.

Our AP Racing Team provides unparalleled access, coaching and support for all racers, and is a great fit for 99% of folks out there. This group is about getting to that last set of folks that need something just a little different and that can also help me with my training/racing goals.

The AP Racing Team already has some of the absolute best sponsor discounts/support in the sport. The ‘Crew’ takes this a step further. These athletes will get support from my sponsors in terms of free product, insider access, and discounts that are typically reserved for pro athletes. While it won’t be required for you to use all of our sponsor gear, it is highly recommended because of the great support you will receive. The one requirement is that you race/train in AP Racing gear.

Another sweet perk- We will have 2-3 Crew team training camps, plus access to the AP Racing Camps in Chula Vista and Colorado Springs.

What we are looking for- More than just being great athletes, we are looking for great people. My inner circle is really small and we are going to be letting this group of athletes all the way in- so you better be ready and you better not be a bad person. Attitude and effort matters most to me and it is what we look for in each of you. In addition, we are looking for our Crew team athletes to mentor our other team members on our social channels, at events, and at our team camps. Beyond that, race strong, have integrity, and be a great ambassador for the sport and our team.




50% - 60% off Most Sponsor Gear

2 Month Supply of AltRed

CEP Compression Socks/Gear

2-3x 'Crew' Camps

AP Racing Camps- Subsidized Rate
(~40% off)

TYR Gear

AP Racing Team Gear

Coaching Options

Train with Me





  • About the Team

    • Our goals are simple-

      • We want each of you to get better and we think getting with a small group of other highly motivated folks can help this. The goal is to create a training group that can feed off each other and come together a few times a year to really accelerate their training(tbd based on schedules and not mandatory)

      • We want to create a mentorship program and additional resources/contact points for our AP Racing Team and team members. We are one big family and we want to help everyone as much as possible. This crew is going to be at the forefront of a lot of those efforts.

    • This team is new for 2019 and is a test for what we hope to roll out in a bigger way going forward.

    • This will be a small group of folks who we hope can motivate each other, train together, and be great ambassadors for our sport/team

    • We will accept applications until December 21st

  • What you get:

    • You will have the opportunity to train with Andy/Daniel on a regular basis(pending your availability) as we will have scheduled ‘Crew’ team training camps throughout the year. You will also have the opportunity to attend all AP Racing Team functions, camps, etc(we will be subsidizing most of the costs for these). We only ask that you help us out with mentorship and support while there.

    • Sponsors: Our sponsors are stepping up big for this. They are going to be helping us out to support you guys with free gear, big discounts, etc. While we won’t require you to use their stuff (if you have to purchase), we highly recommend it. Further, we do require you race/train in our apparel(we are going to give you a bunch.)

  • What we need from you:

    • Race in AP Racing Gear

    • Be active on our team forum and provide insights, mentorship, etc

    • Tell everyone how awesome we are and why they should join AP Racing

    • Attend one of the training camps/sessions (tentative)

  • A Few Questions Answered:

    • Do I have to be coached by you: Absolutely not, but we are the best coaches around so it might be a good idea :)

    • Do I have to use all of your sponsors gear: No, we are not the police, but we highly recommend it given how good the discounts will be and/or if it is amazing free product. I fully believe in all of my partners and would hope that you have the same confidence.

    • What if I have to work and can’t attend these events: We understand, everyone has to work. We just hope you can make it out to something with us. We are inviting you because we like you or think we would enjoy training with you.

  • When are ‘The Squad’ Camps and how do they work?

    • To be honest- we don’t have a clue. Just joking. We have an idea but are remaining flexible so it works out for everyone on the squad.

    • Here are the tentative plans:

      • Camp 1:

        • 5/5/19 - 5/12/19

        • Vacaville, CA + Santa Rosa, CA

        • Training will start on Monday(5/6) and move to Santa Rosa on Thursday Evening(5/10) so we can train in Santa Rosa and also support the AP Racing Team members who are racing.

      • Camp 2:

        • 6/4/19 - 6/9/19:

        • Norcal- TBD Final Location

        • Athletes will have the opportunity to train the entire week/weekend or come to race/help support at Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon

      • Epic Adventure:

        • 6/11/19 - Whenever: We are working out details for a 10-15 day cycling/running camp that starts in San Francisco and ends in Colorado

      • Camp 3:

        • July - 8/3/19 (Final start date is TBD)

        • Colorado Springs + Summit County

        • Team members will have the opportunity to train and stay in COS with Daniel/Andy. We will finish this camp with a race at IM703 Boulder. We have our AP Racing team camp the following week if you want to stay around to participate/train.

        • This camp is still variable as we will have some athletes stay for a few weeks and some stay for a few days. Details to come.





Apply to be part of the best team in tri where you can train and race with your newest team members and Andy.

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