AP RACING Winter camp 2017

We are pumped and hope you are too! Take a few minutes and fill out the below so we can get everything squared away for camp! If you have any questions, let me know- andy@andypottsracing.com

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Indicate how many hours you can train on this day.
Indicate how many hours you can train on this day.
If you require a single room, please indicate below. Note, there is an additional charge of approximately $389 for the 5 day camp and $775 for the 8 day camp
Please indicate below if you prefer to room with anyone. We will do our best to match up roommates. Unfortunately, bunking up with Andy is not an option :)
Bikes will be provided by TriSports and Cannondale. There is an assortment of road and triathlon bikes.
We are arranging a massage and sports therapist but want to gauge interest
We like to keep training consistent each week, with the same workouts on the same days, at the same times. Give us info here with the understanding that you might have to move some things around on your own.